0 - Get the tools

Install Visual Studio Code and add the Clockwork extension. You will also need to download Clockwork Runtime from the Windows Store and enable developer mode.

1 - Unlock Clockwork

By default, UWP apps can't communicate with other software running on the same PC. Open VS Code and execute the unlock command (press F1 > 'Unlock Clockwork Runtime') to let the Runtime and your dev tools talk to each other.

2 - Create a project

Open an empty folder and create a Clockwork project (press F1 > 'Create Clockwork Project').

3 - Deploy your project

Deploy your project to the Clockwork Runtime (press F1 > 'Deploy Clockwork Project') and click on its tile to run it. Each time you modify your game you will need to deploy it again so you can see the changes.

4 - Work on your project

It's time to get your hands dirty! You can start editing the components, levels and spritesheets to build your game. The tutorials and the documentation are your friends!

5 - Publish your game

When you are ready to share your project with the world, you can use the bridges to export your game.